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The best natural jet black weft/bulk wavy hair extensions are made only with 100% human hair to look natural. Also, choosing the hand-sewn weft hair extensions is preferable to the machine sewn wefts to fit perfectly with the hair to look stunning again. It is because hand-timed wefts are more delicate and lighter than machine-tied wefts, which are heavier and thicker at the seam. Wearing these wavy hair extensions will give that gorgeous look again, causing no harm to the head's natural hair. Also, maintaining them is easy, along with the long-lasting ability to reduce the costs of buying them again.

Wearing weft wavy hair extensions suits best for those with wavy hair to look natural and beautiful. It is because they keep the wavy texture after flat-ironing straight or styling with a curling rod. Also made from 100% virgin human hair, it has the maximum flexibility and comes in many types: colours, clip-in, and tape in. Also, there are 2X, 3X and 4X wavy hair extensions per the requirement to look both natural and beautiful. There are also beaded and seamless natural jet black weft/bulk wavy hair extensions to fit in the base or on the sides to give thick and volume wavy hair again.

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