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Dyed coloured hair extensions

Many have doubts about having dyed colour hair extensions to match their hair colour. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. It is best to buy it or dye it with an expert to suit your original hair colour, not to look differently. And buying virgin hair extensions from reputed suppliers will help to dye with little damage to the hair. Many confuse between bleaching and dyeing coloured hair extensions. While bleaching is removing the hair colour to give lighter shades, dyeing changes the colour to any new one of your choice. Check out the many tips to have dyed colour hair extensions to look natural and beautiful.

It is easy and safe to dye only virgin human hair lightened or darkened to look like natural hair. We avoid harsh chemicals like sulphate and alcohol as it may damage the hair extensions. Dye hair extensions to match the ends rather than the roots, as only the hair ends sit on top of the extensions. Be ready to customize the colour or tone to match the hair colour to look natural for enhancing the look rather than the other way round. Opt for two-tone or rooted colours as they are perfect when the hair grows towards the hair extensions. We take more care to dye the part of the hair extension that will show the own hair during attaching to it for matching with the original hair colour. Temple Hair

Factory assistance will surely help you get dyed, coloured hair extensions to look natural and gorgeous.

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