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Bleached Colored hair extensions

If you worry about bleaching or colouring your hair extension, you are in the right place. Commonly, many do not find the hair extension to match their unique hair colour. For others, the hair extension may lose its original colour and will no more match the hair colour. And if you are one of them, check out the ways for having bleached, coloured hair extensions.

Ways for having bleached, coloured hair extensions - We test a hair strand before bleaching or colouring the full hair extension set. We carry out the test by applying the colour mix to a small section on one of the clip wefts and get satisfied with the results to do the full set. And if not satisfied, we change the colour mix and test again until satisfied. Before bleaching, wash the hair extension with

shampoo free of sulphate or alcohol. Mostly we use a semi or semi-permanent colour and a low volume developer for bleaching the hair extension. We apply the colour mix in one direction on both sides of the weft. Keep the hair always moisturized while bleaching it for extra care, as bleaching may damage hair extensions. Do not use any bleach or over wash the hair extensions or use any product with sulfates or alcohol.

The above ways will surely help us to have bleached, coloured hair dyes with no damages. But it is advisable to take help from the Temple Hair Factory experts to match exactly your hair colour to avoid any discomfort.

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