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Why wholesalers or distributors choose Raw South Indian temple hair from the Temple hair factory?

In the last few years, the global hair wigs and extension market value is growing at a CAGR of 8% to reach 2.42 billion US dollars by 2024. It is because they need hair extensions and other hair products are growing exponentially. Environmental hazards, pollution, lifestyle, water quality and many other reasons cause many people to lose hair or have premature greying. Hence there is a demand for raw South Indian temple hair from Temple Hair Factory. Check out the many reasons wholesalers or distributors prefer to choose Temple Hair Factory to buy raw South Indian Tempe Factory.

The rising demand for hair from Temple Hair Factory:

For the past five years, Temple Hair Factory has grown rapidly to supply raw South Indian temple hair to many wholesalers and distributors worldwide. Because of their committed and dedicated service, from procurement of virgin human hair to its cleaning process and marketing, it, among others, has earned the trust globally. They have an experienced and talented team of professionals who know all the intricacies of the hair business. The entire team works hard to supply only superior quality of human South Indian temple hair to the wholesalers and distributors. Hence their demand for hair from Temple Hair Factory is increasing every year. The reasons for it include, among others.

Reasons for wholesalers and distributors to choose Temple Hair Factory

  • For the past few years, Temple Hair Factory is one of the leading suppliers of raw South Indian Temple hair in India
  • They only supply high-quality virgin human hair bought directly from the temples in South India with excellent connections
  • Since many people worldwide prefer only virgin human hair for their hair extensions, the wholesalers and distributors want to buy it only from trusted suppliers like Temple Hair Factory
  • Their cleaning process is moderate, using no harsh chemicals to damage the hair.
  • Since the temples give only virgin hair to both women and men living in villages and small towns, there is no need for cleaning it with harmful chemicals.
  • The dedicated team with enough experience is committed to supplying only superior quality virgin human hair from many South Indian temples.
  • The shipment and service are top-notch, and they only supply what they promise. There is no question of any inferior quality hair sent to the wholesalers and distributors globally.

For the above reasons and more many wholesalers and distributors choose only Temple Hair Factory to buy virgin human hair, and it is only increasing every year.

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