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Why is the temple hair factory Keen in a quality purchase from temples?

Temple Hair Factory, for years, is the most trusted hair and hair extension suppliers to customers worldwide. They have the responsibility of supplying only virgin human hair of the highest quality to their customers. Only by procuring virgin human hair from the many temples, they have earned their trust. Since only in India, millions of people tonsure their hair in many temples because of deep-rooted religious beliefs. It is only from here that Temple Hair Factory is keen on purchasing virgin human hair.

By doing this, the global customers can get virgin human hair free of chemicals and have long-lasting value. Check out the importance of virgin human hair and the many other reasons for Temple Hair Factory to be keen on purchasing human hair from temples.

Importance of virgin human hair from temples:

Unlike synthetic or wool for making hair extensions, virgin human hair lasts long and fits perfectly to the original hair to have a natural look. It is the reason that worldwide, many renowned hair extension makers want to have virgin human hair. Though it is available in some countries like Brazil, China, the quality and quantity of virgin human hair in India is unbeatable. Hence Temple Hair Factory, to supply superior quality human hair globally, are keen to purchase only human hair from temples. Many reasons for it include, among others.

Reasons for Temple Hair Factory to buy human hair from temples

  • Only in temples like Tirupathi in South India millions of people of which half of them tonsure their head annually as a spiritual offering to God
  • Virgin human hair without any chemicals or tangles will be available from the temples
  • Lengthy, curly, wavy and many types of hair are easily available from the temples
  • Many temples in South India can provide surplus virgin hair throughout the year
  • In Tirupathi temple alone, every year, four lakh kilograms of hair worth over 100 crores are available
  • Have excellent connections with the temple authorities to get high-quality hair offered by the pilgrims continuously
  • Because women of all ages from even at young age offer their hair to the Lords, there are more chances of getting high-quality hair from temples
  • There is not much need for using harsh chemicals to clean temple hair as it is native people will not use much dye or other chemicals

For the above reasons and more, Temple Hair Factory is keen to buy human hair only from temples. It is to supply their customers with superior quality hair and hair extensions.

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